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$ 10.00
Type Accessories
Size Length:38cm
Material Aluminum alloy
Colour Silver
Brand DOREMiDi
Model USB HUB-4

At present, there are various USB HUBs on the market, and some USB hubs cannot be used on the UMH-21. So DOREMiDi designed this product - USB HUB-4. This product (USB-HUB4) is used with the high-speed USB HOST box (UMH-21), so that the USB HOST interface of UMH-21 can connect multiple USB MIDI instruments at the same time.


1. with 4 USB expansion ports.

2. High-speed USB2.0 version.

3. With external 5V DC power supply interface.

4. Made of aluminum alloy shell.

Note: If you have other USB HUB products, we cannot guarantee that it will work with UMH-21.

But you must know that the USB HOST interface of UMH-21 only supports connecting to USB2.0 hubs with up to 4 USB expansion ports.


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