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$ 120.00
No. 109
Type MIDI Box
Size 115*73*33mm
Material Aluminum alloy
Colour Black
Brand DOREMiDi
Model RTP MIDI-3

RTP MIDI-3 network box (RTP MIDI-3) is a gateway for MIDI devices. It can support up to 3 MIDI devices. It can connect devices with MIDI DIN interface or USB MIDI interface through Ethernet RTP-MIDI interface to communicate with computers on the network. Computers in the network, such as Windows, MacBook,mobile phones, etc., can communicate with RTP MIDI-3. In addition, the product can also be directly controlled by any other Ethernet RTP-MIDI devices, such as the main keyboard or DAW controller.

Main Feature

1. USB Interface: Standard full-speed USB MIDI HOST interface.

2. 2 x2 MIDI input/output interface with high-performance FTP processing, a total of 32 channels.

3. MIDI LAN Interface: Standard Ethernet RTP-MIDI interface.

RTP MIDI-3 Instruction.pdf

DOREMiDi Network MIDI Config Instructions V1.0.pdf



Firmware upgrade instructions

1. Upgrade content: Solve the problem of too many devices connected to the LAN, which makes the RTP MIDI-3 communication unstable.

2. Update target: If the LAN will connect many network devices, and users who purchased before April 6, 2023.

RTP MIDI-3 Upgrade instructionsV1.2.zip



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