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MIDI TO Bluetooth MIDI&USB Cable(Sold Out)

$ 30.00
No. 003
Type MIDI Cable
Size 2米
Material ABS+Copper wire
Colour Black
Brand DOREMiDi
Model MTBU-20

MIDI to Bluetooth & USB cable (MTBU-20), with MIDI to USB cable function, can convert the circular MIDI interface of electronic musical instruments into a USB interface; at the same time, it has MIDI to Bluetooth function, which can be connected to this product using a mobile phone or tablet. This product is compatible with commonly used APP software on the market. This product is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other systems.

Main Feature:

1. The total length of the connecting line: 2 meters.

2. Bluetooth wireless MIDI connection.

3. Use USB port for power supply.

4. Standard USB MIDI interface.

5. One input and one output MIDI standard five-pin interface.

6. Bluetooth MIDI working indicator, USB MIDI working indicator, MIDI data communication indicator.

7. Support Windows, Mac, IOS, Android system.

8. Plug and play, no need to install driver.

MTBU-20 Instructions.pdf


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