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$ 40.00
No. 103
Type MIDI Box
Size 115*73*33mm
Material Aluminum alloy
Colour Black
Brand DOREMiDi
Model HUB-3

The MIDI HUB-3 box (HUB-3) is a product that supports 3 x 3 MIDI interfaces to USB devices. This product has 3 x 3 standard MIDI IN and MIDI OUT five-pin MIDI interfaces, with 16 channels of standard MIDI , Can communicate with all standard MIDI commands. This product has a standard USB MIDI interface, no need to install a driver, plug and play, can convert 3 x3 MIDI devices into USB device interface, connect to the computer.

Main Feature:

1. Model: HUB-3.

2. Size: 115 x 73 x 33 mm.

3. Weight: 210g.

4. Support 3-MIDI NI, 3-MIDI OUT (48 channels in total).

5. Low latency, high speed, no need to drive, directly connect to Windows or Mac.


HUB-3 Instructions.pdf


Windows: MIDI Stream Config for Windows.zip

MacOS: MIDI Stream Config for MacOS.dmg

Note: Need to use firmware V3.1.1 or later.

Firmware upgrade instructions

HUB-3 Upgrade instructionsV3.1.4.zip

1. Update content: HUB-3 can be configured with MIDI routing and MIDI filtering functions, and can work alone without the computer.

2. Update target: Users who purchased this product before July 13, 2023 need to upgrade this firmware. Products purchased at the DOREMiDi online store on July 13, 2023 have already used the latest firmware by default.



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