DOREMiDi Launched an Instrument Pedal Converter (Model: MPC-10)

2021-10-21 11:06 DOREMiDi

The instrument pedal has become an indispensable accessory for many musicians. Many musical instruments also have a pedal interface, but the number is limited and can only be connected to a fixed type of pedal; in addition, there are many musical instruments on the market that do not have a pedal interface. This makes many musicians often appear that the pedal cannot satisfy the performance.

Therefore, DOREMiDi plans to launch a product to solve the problem of insufficient pedals during performance-"Instrument Pedal Converter (Model: MPC-10)."

Different Types of Pedals Can be Connected

MPC-10 has 2 pedal connection interfaces, which can connect 2 different types of pedals. And the design of automatic pedal detection is adopted inside, which can automatically detect different types of pedals. MPC-10 is currently compatible with positive polarity expression pedals, reverse polarity expression pedals, sustain pedals, and dual switch type pedals.

Connect the Instrument

MPC-10 has a MIDI output interface, which can be directly connected to musical instruments with a MIDI input interface. In order to maintain a portable design, MPC-10 uses a 3.5 audio port as MIDI output, which can be converted to a standard MIDI DIN interface using a 3.5-to-MIDI five-pin cable (this accessory is included in the product package).

Connect to the Computer

MPC-10 is equipped with USB MIDI function, which can be directly connected to computer, mobile phone and other terminal devices to realize MIDI control. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other systems, no need to install drivers, plug and play.

Support MIDI Message Configuration

MPC-10 can flexibly configure MIDI messages for each pedal through DOREMiDi's pedal setting software. According to performance requirements, users can configure different MIDI messages after pedaling, including MIDI channel, CC controller, PC controller, Note, and flipping effects when pedaling.

With Firmware Upgrade Function

Taking into account the subsequent optimization issues, MPC-10 also designed a firmware upgrade function, which can provide personalized customization for different users.

Excellent Industrial Design

The whole body of C-10 is made of aluminum alloy, with frosting and wire drawing process, and with shock-absorbing foot pads. It has a textured appearance and a solid shock-absorbing and non-slip design. It can be used in various playing occasions. MPC-10 weighs only about 50g, which is light and easy to carry around.

The MIDI pedal converter MPC-10 will be officially launched in November, please pay attention to the official latest developments.

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