DOREMiDi is honored to join the MIDI Association

2021-09-09 12:12


Whatis MIDI?

MIDI (MusicalInstrument Digital Interface) is an industry standard music technology protocolthat can connect digital musical instruments, computers, tablets, andsmartphones from many different companies. Musicians, DJs, producers,educators, artists, and amateurs all over the world use MIDI every day tocreate, perform, learn, and share music and works of art.

The MIDIstandard is a paper proposed by the engineer Dave Smith to the AudioEngineering Association in 1981. In August 1983, various musical instrumentcompanies jointly created the MIDI 1.0 specification and it has been usedtoday.

MIDIManufacturers Association (MMA)

The MIDIManufacturers Association was formally established in 1985 as a non-profit501(c)6 trade organization in California), with the goal of expanding,promoting, and protecting MIDI technology for the benefit of artists andmusicians around the world. It also creates and manages MIDI specifications forthe music industry.

At the NAMMexhibition in the winter of 2020, the MIDI Manufacturers Association announcedthe MIDI 2.0 specification set. The protocol has more detailed expressiveness,higher resolution and higher ease of use.


DOREMiDiis honored to join the MIDI Association

On July 30, 2021, with its professional MIDI technology and MIDI products,DOREMiDi is honored to join the MIDI Association and become one of the fewcorporate members. Corporate members can develop and vote on new MIDIspecifications.


In the future, DOREMiDi will continue to create more MIDI products to help more people use MIDI to work and create.

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