High-Speed USB MIDI HOST Box

2020-05-27 00:00

DOREMiDi officially launched its new heavyweight "High-Speed USB MIDI HOST Box-UMH-20".This product has the conversion function of USB and MIDI interface, especially suitable for MIDI connection and communication between different instrument interfaces.The product has the characteristics of higher communication speed, more stable transmission, and stronger compatibility.When playing MIDI, as a very good accessory, it can make the connection of different MIDI devices more flexible.


Higher transmission efficiency

UMH-20 is a high-speed USB MIDI host box, with a standard high-speed USB2.0 USB HOST, the communication rate can reach up to 480Mbps, that is, 60MB/s, which can ensure smooth MIDI performance without delay, and can cooperate with multiple channels.Multi-instrument, multi-effects use, even if there are many MIDI messages generated, it can be easily dealt with.

In addition, the MIDI port of UMH-20 uses a high-speed optocoupler isolator, and the communication response reaches the nanosecond level, which can not only achieve the effect of isolating interfering musical instruments, but also quickly respond to improve communication speed and stability.


More compatible

Because UMH-20 is a high-speed host of USB2.0 version, it is compatible with all USB MIDI devices of USB2.0/USB1.0/USB1.1; in addition, UMH-20 adopts standard MIDI five-pin design, which is compatible with MIDI five of all musical instruments.Needle interface, even for unpopular musical instrument brands, UMH-20 is designed to be compatible.Ensure that users can switch and connect different instruments at any time.

In terms of MIDI communication data, UMH-20 is compatible with all standard MIDI messages, including common Note commands, CC commands, and custom MIDI data from SysEX and different instrument manufacturers.Ensure that different instruments can communicate seamlessly, without packet loss, and normally.


With firmware upgrade function

Considering that some unpopular musical instruments, old and other special instruments may have compatibility issues, UMH-20 also designed a firmware upgrade function. In addition to solving the compatibility issues of unpopular and old special instruments, this function can also provide different users withPersonalized customization is a good backup feature.



UMH-20's body is made of aluminum alloy, with matte and brushed processes, and with shock-absorbing foot pads. It has a textured appearance and a sturdy shock-absorbing and non-slip design. It can be used in various playing occasions.UMH-20 weighs only about 200g, which is light and easy to carry.In addition, each interface of UMH-20 has an indicator light design, which can be more intuitively debugged.


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